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MaxPro™ SG Pneumatic Valve Closure System

Avoid production slow downs, operator injury, or lengthy and expensive environmental cleanups by stopping dangerous chemical leaks with the MaxPro™ SG Pneumatic Valve Closure System. Designed for tube trailers and specialty gas cylinders, this patent-pending emergency valve closure system prevents accidental releases of pressurized hazardous gases commonly used in agricultural applications, pharmaceutical, electronic, solar, and other industries using specialty gases.

Add an additional layer of protection with a pneumatic powered system that not only promises easy installation and low maintenance, but also superior performance and reliability.


Designed for tube trailers, cylinders, and containers. Unique mounting bracket easily attaches and detaches from the valve stem in seconds, without tools.


For use on anhydrous hydrogen chloride, boron trifluoride, dichlorosaline, ethylene, silicon tetrachloride, trichlorosaline, and other pressurized hazardous gases.


Robust motor requires minimal lubrication and is completely encased by a steel cover for protection and years of reliable service.

MaxPro SG Pneumatic Valve Closure Actuator installed onclick Tube Trailer


Automatically responds to any alarm input, and with various torque, instantly closing valves.


Mounts on the valve body using the valve specific adapter. Stops a reportable release regardless of where the leak occurs downstream.


Fail-closed design operates even if AC power or air pressure is lost.

MaxPro™ SG Pneumatic Valve Closure System is engineered, designed, and field-tested to ensure reliable performance, while reducing installation time, maintenance, and material cost.

Every component of the MaxPro™ SG Pneumatic Valve Closure System is engineered to be more versatile, efficient, and reliable than alternative units on the market. The system includes the actuator, air control unit, control panel, mounting bracket, and air supply hose.

Designed for Versatility

MaxPro SG installed on HCL Valve
This patent-pending design consists of a pneumatic drive with a spring-loaded coupler to accommodate valve stems of varying lengths and handwheel designs.


The actuator is constructed of aircraft-quality aluminum and high grade carbon and stainless steels for maximum service life. A two step polyurethane coating provides additional corrosion protection.

The air supply hose has a safety swing coupling to ensure a secure connection between actuator and gas supply, while helping to prevent kinks or tangles in the hose. The length of the air supply hose assembly is custom made at time of order.

Maximum Control

The MaxPro™ SG Control Panel automatically activates the actuator to close the valve in the event of an accidental release, fire alarm, seismic event, security breach, process shutdown, power loss, or other monitored conditions. By shutting down the flow of the product at the source, the release is stopped regardless of where it occurs downstream. You can also manually activate the system by depressing the emergency stop button on the panel.

Powell Valve Closure System Control Panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratory to UL 508A for Enclosed Industrial Control Panels. Panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratory bearing the UL & CUL mark for use in the United States and Canada markets. In applications where a CSA listed control panel in Canada is required, please contact Powell for further information.

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